Trusted, Respected And Followed. When it comes to news that matters,there is only one name that comes to the nation’s mind is Russian Gyan.Russian Gyan dominates the media space and has been setting the news agenda for the country since its inception.

Russian Gyan - A knowledge Hub

Our Motive is to bring real facts and news in front of the people so that they will not be kept
in the dark. People should be award what’s happening in the society around the world.
In our Blog People find World’s News at a glance.

The Russia Gyan has always striven to provide readers with up to date breaking news,
compelling content and insightful opinions. Evolving with the times, our content includes current news, business, sports, community,
tech, lifestyle and world news, as well as expert analysis and dynamic videos. The website was recognized in 2014 as one of the best in Asia by the World Association of
Newspapers and News Publishers. It serves as the foundation of an online community that has a million strong following on both
Twitter and Facebook. Readers on-the-go who want breaking news and business updates delivered to them can
opt for our SMS services available via Maxis and DiGi.

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